EvoStart - Free MODx Evolution Bootstrap Responsive Template

EvoStart - Free MODx Evolution Bootstrap Template
EVO Version: MODx Evolution 1.1 or above
Required Extras: MultiTV Snippet, PhpThumb snippet

START - a free Bootstrap, Seo ready, responsive template for MODX Evolution


Ready to START

Start your MODx responsive site in few minutes

Seo Ready

Includes Seo4Evo package


Responsive Bootstrap 3.3.5 based template


Friendly interface to manage the world renowned as the most beautiful and easy to use image slider

FlexSlider 2.2

Friendly interface to manage FlexSlider - The Advanced Responsive Slider

SwipeBox Mini Gallery

Simple responsive bootstrap gallery with friendly multitv interface

How to Install EvoStart with a clean MODX Evolution

step by step guide

1) Package installation

  1. Install  "Jako" Package Manager Module
  2. Install the EvoStart Package
  3. Install  "Jako"Multitv (required for sliders and image gallery)

2) Template Configuration

  1. Go to Tools > Configuration > Site > System Default Template
  2. Set StartPage as default template

3) Configure ManagerManger

  1. Go to Elements > Manage Elements > Plugins > ManagerManager > Configuration > Configuration Chunk
  2. Replace mm_rules with Start_mm_rules into the Configuration Chunk field
  3. It may be necessary to correct the id of templates in Start_mm_rules to match the templates id of your installation

4) Homepage Template

  1. Edit your Homepage document  (usually id 1) > Uses Template
  2. Choose between StartHome-FlexSlider and StartHome-NivoSlider
  3. Add slides and content to your home slider (you can test the slider using demo image in assets/images/slides)

5) Blog

  1. Edit your Blog page (usually id 2) 
  2. Delete all the content
  3. add {{Start-Ditto-Blog-Call-Large}}

Note: you can choose between 3 blog templates

  • Start-Ditto-Blog-Call-Large
  • Start-Ditto-Blog-Call-Medium
  • Start-Ditto-Blog-Call-Small

6) Blog Comments

  1. delete the default chunk {{comment}} call from your blog posts

7) Contact Form

  1. Edit your Contact page (usually id 6) 
  2. Replace &tpl=`ContactForm` with  &tpl=`Start-ContactForm`

8) Login Form

  1. Edit your Login pages (usually id 4 and 37) 
  2. Replace &tpl=`WebLoginSideBar` with  &tpl=`Start-WebLoginSideBar`

9) Request account Form

  1. Edit your Request account pages (usually id 5) 
  2. Replace &tpl=`FormSignup` with  &tpl=`Start-FormSignup`

10) Contact Settings

  1. Go to Tools > Configuration > Site > Contact Settings
  2. Add your client contact and social informations

DONE! your MODX Evolution site is ready to START!