EvoBoot - A free minimal responsive Bootstrap template for MODX Evolution

EvoBoot - Bootstrap template for MODX Evolution
EVO Version: Evolution 1.0 or above

EvoBoot is made to fast replace original modxhost template on MODX Evolution fresh installation.

EvoBoot does not requires any additional Evolution snippet, plugin or module.

EvoBoot is very minimal and lightweight Bootstrap template with no third party Js plugins

To install EvoBoot:

1) Install with Package Manager

2) Set EvoBoot as default template in modx evo system settings



To to make installation easier, EvoBoot overwrites the following chunks: (you can choose to backup or overwrite old version with Package Manager)

  • ContactForm (default tpl for form contact page)
  • ditto_blog (default ditto tpl for blog items)
  • FormSignup (default tpl for signup page)
  • WebLoginSideBar (default tpl for login form)

evoboot modx template