MODxFlat 3.0 - Evolution Manager Theme

MODxFlat - Evolution Manager Theme
EVO Version: MODx Evolution 1.2 or above

MODxFLAT - The Customizable Manager Theme for MODx Evolution 1.2

MODxFLAT 3.0 is a manager theme for MODX Evolution 1.2 and includes all powerful UI improvements of this last Evolution release.
MODxFLAT is not just a custom manager themes, it's a Customizable Manager Theme!

MODxFLAT is the first Evolution manager theme with a colour control panel plugin*



  • Dynamic Welcomepage "Dashboard" based on EvoDashboard with widget support
  • Restyled List of Resources with blocks and icons
  • New tabs style
  • Customized styles for new ElementsInTree plugin
  • Coloured action button for better user experience
  • Customize colors for MODxFlat Color Plugin

MODxFlat Color Plugin

With latest Evo 1.2 Colors Skins for MODxFLAT are deprecated and replaced with MODxFlat Color Theme control panel plugin

Download MODxFlat Color Plugin




MODxFlat Login

MODxFlat Dashboard

MODxFlat editing documents

MODxFlat Manager Elements


  1. Download MODxFLAT Theme
  2. Extract
  3. Upload MODxFLAT folder in manager/media/styles/
  4. Go to Tools > Configuration > Interface & Features > Manager Theme - and set MODxFLAT theme