Article Manager Module for MODX Evolution

Article Manager Module
EVO Version: select or above
Required Extras: Ditto snippet

Article Manager is a free datatable module for MODX Evolution and Clipper cms to display and manage resourses inside MODX manager, based on Ditto snippet, Bootstrap and jQuery TableData.

You can use Article Manager as a Blog Post Dashboard, like in WordPress, or you can copy and modify over again for all your needs

Article Manager Features:

  • Highly customizable
  • Sorting by tvs
  • Search
  • Export to CVS and PDF
  • Pagination
  • Quick links to edit, view or delete documents
  • Editing in a popup window


article manager posts dashboard

Adapt it to your MODX Evo project: Shop, Blog, Classified Ads ..

Just Duplicate and customize!

modx modules

Module Configuration and Customization:

  • Main Module Title: the title of the main page : "Article Manager" 
  • Awesomefont icon: Icon for the title
  • Tv Fields: System or Template Variables seperated by commas- ie: [+pagetitle+],[+description+],[+date+]
  • TV heading: Heading titles for variables seperated by commas - ie: Page Title,Description,Date (in the same order of Tv Fields)
  • Parent folder: Ditto &parent parameter  
  • Max items in List: Ditto &total parameter - total items to retrieve
  • Hide Folders: Ditto &hideFolders to hide folders from list parameter
  • Depht:  Ditto &depht parameter
  • Enable filter: enable Ditto &filter parameter
  • Filter: value for Ditto filter parameter (offers,yes)
  • Popup Editing: allow to editing resource in a popup window (default).
    When you change this option you can see a different pencil icon for the editing button:
    Popup: Onpage:
  • Editing Title: The heading title and text of Edit Button (for translation)
  • Preview Button: Show/Hide Preview Button
  • Preview Title: The heading title and text of Preview Button (for translation) 
  • Delete Button: Show/Hide Delete Button
  • Delete Title:  The heading title and text of Delete Button (for translation) 
  • Show Buttons Label: Show/Hide text label iside buttons (to save space in tables with many columns) 
  • Show Image: Show image column
  • Image Title: Image's heading title 
  • Image TV: image Template Variable - ie: [+Thumbnail+]





  • Install with Package Manager