EVO Version: MODx Evolution 1.2 or above

Backup Evolution files and compress into .zip for easy download, manage, delete and restore database backups and full backupsĀ 

EvoBackup Features

  • Checkbox options to choose which folder and files add to archive
  • 3 preselected templates of Backup: Light, Medium, Full
  • You can add up to 5 custom folder or files to backup (ie: assets/galleries)
  • Manage Backups from AutoEvoBackups and MODX Snapshots/Backups (default evo backup sql folder)
  • Extract Backup Archives
  • Restore .sql backups
  • Multilanguage
  • Help
  • Support for custom/renamed manager folder
  • Evolution installer for Package Manager and Extras module



Available Languages

  • english
  • italian
  • nederlands by @fourroses666
  • spanish by @risingisland


  1. Create directory named "_evobackup_archives" on your root webserver to hold modx .zip archives, and set read/write permissions to 777
  2. Install EvoBackup with Package Manager or Extras module
  3. Run EvoBackup module
  4. Select additional folders and files to include in the archive
  5. Click Backup, if it works there should be a .zip link containing your modx site.
  6. Change Backup directory
  7. Edit /assets/modules/evobackup/settings.php, and set $modx_backup_dir to backup dir in new directory
  8. Set Module configuration > Backup Directory to your new backup dir


module does not complete backup, stops with a temp file

Solution Remove some folders from backup or increase "ZIP memory limit" value in module configuration page

EvoBackup Create Backups

EvoBackup Manage Archive Backups

EvoBackup Manage sql Backups

EvoBackup Custom Folders

Backup Success

Restore db

extract zip archive

delete backup