Slideshow Jmpress MultiTV for MODx Evolution

Slideshow Jmpress MultiTV for MODx Evolution
EVO Version: MODx Evolution or above
Required Extras: MultiTV Snippet

Slideshow Jmpress MultiTV is a MODx Evolution package that contains Slideshow Jmpress  jquery plugin and a dedicated MultiTV to managing Slides and text.


- Works with any MODx Evolution Theme
- Add, remove and sort slides with a multiTV
- MultiTV Slideshow Jmpress with configuration parameters: image, caption text, link (opt)
- Animation parameters: transition xy, transition z, rotate xy, scale
- 5 background colors

Slideshow Jmpress MultiTV

Slideshow Jmpress


1) Install with Evolution Package Manager

2) Go to Template Variables > slideshowjms > Template Access > Select your default template

3) Edit your default template:

Add {{slideshowjms-jscss}} before the closing body tag

Add [[multiTV? &tvName=`slideshowjms` &display=`all`]] where you want to display the Slideshow

4) Edit a resource and use the multiTV to add slides and text to your Slideshow