Seo4Evo - SEO Tools for Evolution

EVO Version: select or above

Seo4Evo package includes the best snippets and plugins to optimize SEO in Evolution websites, with a dedicated ManagerManager tab.

Seo4Evo Features:

  • Generates META tags automatically
  • Install XML Sistemap
  • Include or exclude documents from xml sitemap
  • Onpage Robots index/follow settings
  • Canonical Url to avoid duplicated contents
  • 301 Redirects to solve 404 errors in webmaster tools
  • Custom Seo Title with words counter
  • Meta Descrtiption with words counter
  • Open Graph Protocol
  • Google Author

Seo4Evo Package includes


Seo4Evo snippet

Generates META tags automatically

  • meta charset
  • base href
  • title
  • keywords
  • description
  • robots
  • last modified
  • copyright
  • canonical
  • og:site_name (facebook)
  • og:type (facebook)
  • og:url (facebook)
  • og:image (facebook)
  • fb:app_id (facebook)
  • author (google+)
  • publisher (google+)

Sitemap Snippet



Virtual Alias

Google Analytics



  • Seo4Evo mm rules (sample code for ManagerManager plugin the Seo Tab)


  • Aliases (301 redirect urls for Virtual Alias)
  • CanonicalUrl (setting for Seo4Evo)
  • GoogleAuthor (setting for Seo4Evo)
  • MetaDescription (setting for Seo4Evo)
  • MetaKeywords (setting for Seo4Evo)
  • CustomTitle (setting for Seo4Evo)
  • RobotsFollow (setting for Seo4Evo)
  • RobotsIndex (setting for Seo4Evo)
  • sitemap_changefreq (setting for Sitemap Snippet)
  • sitemap_exclude (setting for Sitemap Snippet)
  • sitemap_priority (setting for Sitemap Snippet)

seo4evo tab


  • With **Package Manager or Store module

  • copy the code from Seo4Evo mm rules in your default mm rules chunk

Sitemap snippet

Create a sitemap page

Create a new resource :

  • title: sitemap
  • URL alias: sitemap.xml
  • Show in menu : no
  • Published: yes
  • Internet Media Type: text/xml
  • Rich text: no
  • Resource content: [!SiteMap? &format=`sp` &excludeTemplates=`blank` &excludeTV=`sitemap_exclude` &priority=`sitemap_priority` &changefreq=`sitemap_changefreq` &excludeWeblinks=`true`]]

more infos at:

Snippet Call

  • Add Seo4Evo snippet call after the opening tag in your template

Basic call - only site metatags


With Facebook Open Graph metatags

[[Seo4Evo? &OpenGraph=`1` &OGfbappId=`123456789123456789` &OGimageTv=`my-thumbnail` &OGtype=`article`]]

With Facebook Open Graph e Google plus metatags

[[Seo4Evo? &OpenGraph=`1` &OGfbappId=`123456789123456789` &OGimageTv=`my-thumbnail` &OGtype=`article` &GooglePlus=`1` &linkPub=``]]

Snippet Call Parameters:

  • &preTitle - pre Title
  • &postTitle - pre Title
  • &KeywordsTv - custom MetaKeywords tv (ie: documentTags)
  • &all_page_keywords - chunk or comma separated list of Keywords displayed on all pages
  • &MetaDescriptionTv - custom description tv - Example: &MetaDescriptionTv=`introtext`


[[Seo4Evo? &preTitle=`[(site_name)] |` &postTitle=`> [(site_name)]`]]


<title>Test Site | My custom SEO Title > Test Site</title>

Facebook Open Graph Protocol Parameters

Google Plus Parameters

  • GooglePlus - 1= enable G+ metatags
  • linkPub - the "brand" google publisher page

On page settings (tvs)

Seo4Evo Snippet tvs:

  • CustomTitle - Seo Custom Title for metatag title - Default value is [pagetitle]
  • Meta Keywords - Meta Keywords - comma separated keywords
  • CanonicalUrl - Custom CanonicalUrl - If Empty full alias for pages or domain url for homepage - works like using if snippet : <link rel="canonical" href="[[if? &is=`146:is:1` &then=`[(site_url)]` &else=`[(site_url)][~[*id*]~]`]]" />
  • Author - Google plus author page URL (if empty does not display the tag)
  • Meta Description - If Empty get the first 25 words from content (via $modx->runSnippet DynamicDescription Snippet)
  • Robots Index this Page - Include or exclude the page in Search Engines
  • Robots - Following Links - Follow or noFollow links on the page

Virtual Alias Plugin tvs:

  • 301 Redirects - Add old url - New aliases should each be added on a separate line. Omit any leading or trailing slashes as well as the default suffix (usaully .html)

SiteMap Snippet tvs:

  • Sitemap exclude - Include or exclude the page in Google SiteMap
  • Sitemap update frequency - How often the content will be changed
  • Sitemap Priority - Importance of the page