Bootstrap Columns Plugin for MODX Evolution

Bootstrap Columns Plugin
EVO Version: MODx Evolution or above

This simple and powerful plugin allows you to switch layout and sidebars in any MODX bootstrap template.

  • Full Width
  • Left Sidebar
  • Alt Left Sidebar (alternative left sidebar)
  • Right Sidebar
  • Alt Right Sidebar (alternative right sidebar)
  • Left and Right Sidebars
  • 2 Left Sidebars (default and alternative left sidebars)
  • 2 Right Sidebars (default and alternative right sidebars)
  • 2 Left and 1 Right Sidebars
  • 1 Left and 2 Right Sidebars

What you need

Any MODX Boostrap template

Basic Template

Just add class="[+CoClass+]" into your bootstrap "content div" and four "sidebar placeholder"

      <div class="container">
          [+ColumnLContent+] <!--sidebar left 1 chunk placeholder--->
          [+ColumnL2Content+] <!--sidebar left 2 chunk placeholder--->
         <div class="[+CoClass+]"> <!---content div class placeholder--->
          [+ColumnRContent+] <!--sidebar right 1 chunk placeholder--->
          [+ColumnR2Content+] <!--sidebar right 2 chunk placeholder--->


Create 4 chunks for your sidebars

Example chunk code for sidebar

<aside class="[+CRClass+]"> <!--sidebar class placeholder--->
   <div class="widget">  
If you prefer, you can use TVs inside sidebars chunks for onpage "sidebar content" editing
<aside class="[+CRClass+]"> <!--sidebar class placeholder--->

Plugin configuration

You just need to set your sidebar chunks:
  • Left Sidebar Chunk: default left sidebar chunk name
  • Right Sidebar Chunk: default right sidebar chunk name
  • 2 Left Sidebar Chunk: alternative left sidebar chunk name
  • 2 Right Sidebar Chunk: alternative right sidebar chunk name
"Sidebar Width in two columns layout":
The sidebar width in "single sidebar" layouts
  • LeftSidebar
  • LeftSidebar2
  • RightSidebar
  • RightSidebar2
boostrap plugin configuration

The Page Layout Template Variable

Assign PageLayout template variable to your Bootstrap template.
Edit a resource and shoose your favourite layout. Done!
page layout tv for boostrap


Install with Package Manager or Store module