NoFollowExternalLinks Plugin for MODx Evolution

NoFollowExternalLinks Plugin
EVO Version: MODx Evolution or above

Add rel="nofollow" to all external links in MODX Evolution content (only in content field).


  • DoFollow tv template variable to exclude documents from the plugin
  • NoFollow https url plugin configuration
  • No Follow only this domain plugin configuration:

Using the configuration settings you can add rel="nofollow" only to a selected domain (ie: amazon affiliate links)

plugin configuration

Installation instructions

  • Install with Package Manager or Store module
  • Assign the DoFollow template variable to your template.


  • Create a plugin with name NoFollowExternalLinks and paste the code from NoFollowExternalLinks.tpl
  • Check OnLoadWebDocument system event

  • Create a template variable named DoFollow.

  • input type: dropdown
  • input_options No==nofollow||Yes==follow
  • default value: nofollow
  • Assign the DoFollow template variable to your template.