PhpThumbContentImages for Evolution cms

EVO Version: Evolution 1.4 or above

Convert Images in the content field (TinyMCE) to phpthumb images and adds more attributes and features

Plugin Configuration

PhpThumbContentImages plugin for Evolution CMS

Use image sizes from: get image size for the phpthumb image:

  1. phpthumbParams: from phpthumb snippet parameters (w/h) in the configuration tab
  2. imageAttribute: from image attributes (width/height). NOTE: if image width & height attributes are empty the image will not be resized

Image width: phpthumb options (w)

Image height: phpthumb options (h)

Image quality: phpthumb options (q)

Image Zoom crop: phpthumb options (zc)

Image Format: phpthumb options (f)

Image Class: Add new or modifies image class

fetchpriority: Add fetchpriority attribute (no/auto/low/high)

loading: Add loading attribute (lazy)

Change src to data-src: Change image "src" tag to "data-src" for lazyload plugins


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