CloakLinks snippet for MODX

CloakLinks snippet for MODX
EVO Version: MODx Evolution 1.1 or above

Affiliate Link Cloaker snippet for MODX Evolution.
Encode urls in base64 and redirect through a blocked page/folder


Install instructions

Create the redirect landing page

  • create a new resource with the name of your choice
  • add [[CloakLinksRedirect]] snippet call
  • This page must be noindex-nofollow in the robots metatags (*) and/or "Disallowed" in the robot.txt

*I suggest Seo4Evo package to manage Robots index/follow and sitemap exclude in MODx Evolution

Create a Cloaked link (Example calls)

method 1: using a template variable

[[CloakLinks? &landing=`49` &textlink=`site preview` &LinkTv=`AffiliateLink`]]

method 2

[[CloakLinks? &landing=`49` &textlink=`site preview` &LinkWeb=``]]

Custom Url Parameter

method 1 + custom url parameter

[[CloakLinks? &landing=`49` &urlparam=`visit` &textlink=`site preview` &LinkTv=`AffiliateLink`]]

Landing page + custom url parameter

[[CloakLinksRedirect? &urlparam=`visit`]]


  • &textlink = text placeholder | default value: "Go to the website"
  • &targetlink = href target attribute | default value: "_blank"
  • &landing = resource id of the landing page for redirect (must contain a [[CloakLinksRedirect]] snippet call)
  • &LinkTv = (method 1) name of the Text template variable containing the affiliate link
  • &LinkWeb = (method 2) full affiliate link
  • &urlparam = custom parameter url | default value: "goto"
  • &ErrorEmptyLink = text placeholder for empty tv and/or missing linkweb parameter | default value: "Empty Link"
  • &textlink = text placeholder | default value: "Go to the website"
  • &AffiliateSuffix = link suffix for affiliate code (ie: 123456789 or [*affiliatecodetv*])
  • &urlparam = custom parameter url | default value: "goto"
  • &linkelements = allows the addition of extras like class, title etc.
  • &dummyparams = "Dummy" parameters e.g. &dummyparams=`pid=147&alias=cloaklinks&`