EvoBackup and AutoEvoBackup - two backup tools for Evolution

EvoBackup and AutoEvoBackup

Two new tools to backup your Evolution website


Advanced Backup Module for MODX Evolution:
Backup MODX Evo files and compress into .zip for easy download, manage, delete and restore database backups and full backups


  • Checkbox options to choose which folder and files add to archive
  • 3 preselected templates of Backup: Light, Medium, Full
  • You can add up to 5 custom folder or files to backup (ie: assets/galleries)
  • Manage Backups from AutoEvoBackups and MODX Snapshots/Backups (default evo backup sql folder)
  • Extract Backup Archives
  • Restore .sql backups
  • Multilanguage
  • Help
  • Support for custom/renamed manager folder
  • Evolution installer for Package Manager and Extras module


AutoEvoBackup Plugin

AutoEvoBackup generates db only or db+files backups of a MODX Evolution website, when a user fires a modx system event.

For example, you can make backup before or after document save, before logout from manager, or after the login.

The default event setting is on logout from manager. In this way you always save a fresh backup of your edits in the manager.

AutoEvoBackup protect your site from user errors, hackers attacks or server failure, allowing to restore the latest manager edits saved on last logout (or any other event).

To restore the backup you can use MODX bundled backup utility or EvoBackup module.

This plugin works standalone, but is suggested to use with EvoBackup Module, as backup manager to view download or delete backup .zip archives.