DashboardListDoc Widget for Evolution CMS

DashboardListDoc Widget
EVO Version: Evolution 1.4 or above

A small Dashboard Documents grid/list widget plugin for Evolution CMS 1.4 based on DocLister

Requires snippets: DocLister, DocInfo, If, PhpThumb.


  • Configurable toggle overview row with tvs (add any tv to the resource toggle overview)
  • Main Doclister parameters available in plugin config
  • More actions buttons: edit, preview, move, publish/unpublish, duplicate, create resource here, delete, overview
  • Hide some actions buttons to get more space: you can hide from plugin settings: move, publish/unpublish, create resource here, delete
  • Jquery-confirm Corfirmation alert windows (for a better user experience)
  • parent column (click on parent name to view children tab) [optional]
  • right click Context Menu on Parent field (view childern, edit, add resource here, add weblink here)
  • tv columns: add custom tv in sortable columns [optional]
  • image tv in overview or column [optional]
  • Sortable columns (title/parent/date/custom tv columns)
  • Filtering (search)
  • Filter options (choose "search in")
  • Pagination
  • Status Filter (published, unpublished, deleted) [optional]
  • Edit in Evo Modal: edit and create documents in Evo (1.4) modal/popup [optional]
  • Full Localstorage support: state of pagination , search and sorting is always saved in localhost - so when you go back to the dashboard, you dont need to search or sort again
  • Multilanguage

listdoc widget

Plugin Settings

Widget Permissions Settings

  • Show widget for: All, Admin Only , Excluded Admin, This Role only*, This user only**
  • Show only to this role id: enter the role id*
  • Show only to this username: enter the username**

Widget Style Settings

  • Widget Title:
  • Widget icon: font awesome icon
  • Widget position: sort widget position
  • Widget x size: width in bootstrap col-
  • Widget Title Background color:
  • Widget title color:

Doclister params Settings

  • Parent folder for List documents: parents
  • Max items in List: display
  • Depht: depth
  • Hide Folders: addWhereList isfolder=0
  • Show Deleted and Unpublished: showNoPublish

Widget & Grid Settings

  • Show Create Resource Buttons: Show header Create Resource Buttons buttons (parent id from parents parameter)
  • Show Status Filter: Show published/unpublished/deleted dropdown select filter (require Show Deleted and Unpublished - YES)
  • Display Title in title column: choose which title display in title column: pagetitle or longtitle or menutitle (default :pagetitle)
  • Show Parent Column: Show Resource Parent Column (and right click context menu)
  • Show User Column: Show User Column from createdby or publishedby or editedby (default : createdby)
  • Show Date Column: Show Date Column from createdon or publishedon or editedon (default : editedon)
  • Date Column Format: Choose date column format: DD MM YYYY or MM DD YYYY or YYYY MM DD (default : DD MM YYYY)
  • Tv column: The list of tvs to add as sortable columns. example: ,
  • Tv Sort type: Sort mode for tv columns- text(for any text tv)/number(for numbers tv, like price)/date(date is not yet supported). example for longtitle and menuindex: text,number
  • Show Image TV: enter tv name. ie: image
  • how image Tv in: choose where show the image thumbnail: overview row or column
  • Overview Tv Fields: The list of tvs to add in toogle overview row. example ,,,
  • Overview TV headings: titles for tvs in overview. example: Long Title,Description,Introtext,Tags
  • Edit docs in modal: edit and create resources in new evo 1.4 modal window

Buttons (show/hide) Settings

note: hides the button to everyone, even if the user has permissions

  • Show Move Button
  • Show Create Resource here Button
  • Show Publish Button
  • Show Delete Button


ListDoc widget - parent context menu

ListDoc widget -  images in overview

ListDoc widget -  inline images and buttons

ListDoc widget and ShopKeeper

ListDoc widget Configuration

ListDoc widget Configuration

ListDoc widget - Duplicate Confirmation Jquery-confirm

ListDoc widget - Unpublish Confirmation Jquery-confirm

ListDoc widget - Delete Confirmation Jquery-confirm