AutoEvoBackup Automatic EvoBackup on system events

EVO Version: MODx Evolution 1.2 or above

Be sure to always have an updated backup to the latest changes of your Evolution website. 

AutoEvoBackup generates db only or db+files backups of a MODX Evolution website, when a user fires a modx system event. For example, you can make backup before or after document save, before logout from manager, or after the login.
The default event setting is on logout from manager. In this way you always save a fresh backup of your edits in the manager.

AutoEvoBackup protect your site from user errors, hackers attacks or server failure, allowing to restore the latest manager edits saved on last logout (or any other event).

To restore the backup you can use MODX bundled backup utility or EvoBackup module.

This plugin works standalone, but is suggested to use with EvoBackup Module, as backup manager to view download or delete backup .zip archives.


To avoid killing your webspace, you can set maximum numbers of backups to store. When this number exceeded the plugin will start to overwrite with new backups.

Backup Modes

Choosing dbonly, backups are saved into default Evo db backup directory (assets/backup)
Choosing db+files (light,medium,full) files backups are saved into EvoBackup folder (root/_evobackup_archives) and you can choose to include (copy or move) the .sql file to zip.

Manager Roles Options

You can set which manager user Run the Backup when fires the System Event.

To help identify the backup: AutoEvoBackup saves backups with Site Name + Date + Hour + ManagerUserName.
So you know wich user fired the event and created the backup.

Available options:

  • All // run backup for All
  • AdminOnly // run backup only for Admin role 1
  • AdminExcluded // run backup for all manager users excluded Admin role 1
  • ThisRoleOnly // run backup only for "this" role id
  • ThisUserOnly // run backup only for "this" username

Plugin System Events

You can run the plugin at any modx evo system events and run the backup for one or more events. Some suggested events:

OnManagerLogin // backup just after a user login
OnBeforeManagerLogout // backup when user logout from manager
OnBeforeDocFormSave // backup before user save a doc (saving previous data)
OnDocFormSave // backup when user save a doc (saving new data)

similiar events:
OnBeforeChunkFormSave, OnChunkFormSave, OnBeforeModFormSave, OnModFormSave, OnModFormDelete, OnBeforeSnipFormSave, OnSnipFormSave, OnBeforeTempFormSave, OnTempFormSave, OnBeforeUserFormSave, OnUserFormSave, OnUserFormDelete, OnBeforeWUsrFormDelete, OnWUsrFormDelete... 


Install with Package Manager
create a folder in root: /_evobackup_archives


Based on EvoBackup Module  and AutoBackupIncremental by xyzvisual