EvoFLAT SystemSettings control panel

EvoFLAT SystemSettings
EVO Version: Evolution 1.4 or above
Required Extras: EvoFLAT Manager Theme

EvoFLAT Manager Theme SystemSettings control panel. Customize EvoFLAT manager, changing Colors, Fonts, Logos and more... 


  • Colors: Change FLAT theme colors (main color, menu, tabs, tree links..)
  • Fonts: Change default font to google fonts and change font size
  • Advanced Settings: Dark Sidebar, Show/hide Header and login logo; Add custom logo to login; add a background image to login page.
  • Custom Styles: Add your custom styles to change EvoFlat Manager appearance
EvoFLAT-SystemSettings - Colors

EvoFLAT-SystemSettings - Colors

EvoFLAT-SystemSettings - Fonts

EvoFLAT-SystemSettings - Fonts

EvoFLAT-SystemSettings - Advanced Settings

EvoFLAT-SystemSettings - Custom styles