WelcomeHTMLBox Dashboard Widget Plugin

WelcomeHTMLBox Dashboard Widget
EVO Version: MODx Evolution 1.2 or above
Required Extras: DevoDashboard plugin

Dashboard html box widget plugin for for EvoDashboard. With this plugin you can add any kind of html content inside your Modx Evolution Dashboard.

The plugin now includes a default css style for basic typografy

requires: EvoDashboard


  • Html Box placement: OnManagerWelcomeHome or OnManagerWelcomeRender
  • Html Box size: half / full
  • Box Title: default value "Html Box Widget"
  • Box Title icon: awesome font icon - default value "fa-star"
  • Html Chunk: default value: "WelcomeHtmlBoxChunk"
  • Load typography styles: yes/no
  • css file path: for typografy css style - default style: "../assets/plugins/welcomehtmlbox/welcomehtmlbox.css"

html box dashboard widget


  • download the plugin

  • install with  Package Manager Module or Store modules