WelcomeLastWebUsersBox Dashboard Widget Plugin

WelcomeLastWebUsersBox Dashboard Widget
EVO Version: select or above
Required Extras: EvoDashboard

Widget for for EvoDashboard to display and edit Last Registered Webusers. With this widget you can list and edit registered Webusers in MODX Evolution manager Welcome page.

Quickly view and edit the latest registered Webusers in your Modx Evolution Dashboard.

  • Last WebUser Box mode: advanced (display fullname, email and edit button) basic (display only username)
  • Last WebUser Box placement: OnManagerWelcomeHome or OnManagerWelcomeRender
  • Last WebUser Box size: half / full
  • Box Title: default value "Last Registered Users"
  • How many users: default value 10
  • Enable popup icon: open the webuser page in a popup window

Last registered webusers box

last user dashboard widget

Last registered webusers box with popup option

last user dashboard widget popup mode

popup mode


  • download the plugin

  • install with  Package Manager Module or Store modules